English teacher: Carla Giuliani
Biology teacher: Jodi Mckay
Docente: Elisa De Lorenzo

in this page you will find lessons, exercises and news about Biology. You are welcome to ask questions and explanations.
My name is Jodi Mckay, and I earned my bachelor of science degree in biology from Idaho State then, I went on to earn my doctorate in genetics from Iowa State University in 2007. After graduation, I completed two postdoctoral fellowships—one at Iowa State University studying upper-respiratory virus infections and the second investigating Ras c-terminus modifications. More recently, I taught at Morningside College (Sioux City, Iowa) where I was an Assistant Professor of Biology and now I am a professor at the University of Maryland University College. I think that as scientists, we are living in exciting times, and I am happy to be here in Aviano, Italy, sharing my passion for science and also for life.