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Chiara Sartori: Carla Giuliani
Chiara Sartori: Elisa De Lorenzo

WELCOME TO OUR VIRTUAL CLASS, in this page you will find lessons, exercises and news about Biology. You are welcome to ask questions and explanations. My name is Jodi Mckay, and I earned my bachelor of science degree in biology from Idaho State then, I went on to earn my doctorate in genetics from Iowa State University in 2007. After graduation, I completed two postdoctoral fellowships—one at Iowa State University studying upper-respiratory virus infections and the second investigating Ras c-terminus modifications. More recently, I taught at Morningside College (Sioux City, Iowa) where I was an Assistant Professor of Biology and now I am a professor at the University of Maryland University College. I think that as scientists, we are living in exciting times, and I am happy to be here in Aviano, Italy, sharing my passion for science and also for life.